Computerized Care
Monitoring System (CCMS)

Vital for long term care and cognitive health providers

  • CCMS-eMAR - (Electronic Medication Administration Record)
  • CCMS-Activities - (Meaningful Activities Log)
  • CCMS-Behavior -(Challenging Behavior Log)

Some of the functionalities

  • Verification to ensure medications are administered at the correct times, to the correct patients, in accurate dosages, with comprehensive documentation.
  • Automatic alert notifications system for critical situations detected for each patient.
  • Reminders for medications before they expire, ensuring timely management.
  • An automated medication inventory system.
  • Monitoring to confirm PRN and narcotic medications are managed properly.
  • Incident reporting for improved safety and quality care.
  • Tracking routine tasks, vitals, and daily activities.
  • Automated reminders for staff about training schedules and certification renewals.
  • Additional bonus applications

Why CCMS ?

  • Secured with cloud technology.
  • HIPAA-compliant app and data center
  • Complies with Business Associate Agreements
  • The easiest and most user-friendly
  • live support
  • Free user training
  • Remote access enabled
  • Internal chat system

Security is our priority

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